Your Travel Packing Guide

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Your Travel packing guide.

I’m so excited! My boy and me are flying to Milano next week – We have been looking forward to this so long! Last year we were at Ischia, but I will come to those experiences in my next post. I already thought about what to take with me and what to leave home. it’s always the big question as many of you might know too. Especially when you travel to a “shopping-city” like Milano, London or Paris you can’t always take everything with you. Basically all of us love to do a little shopping, right? So we have to keep our luggage as small as possible. Now I have to decide what to through out. What I will definitely include are my main basics which I tend to use very often in daily summer life. What I notice myself wearing a lot are “all day go to’s”. Those are the pieces I would like to include into my luggage.

Set priorities to your essentials.

I, and maybe you also, already thought of loads of items which we definitely want to include into our luggage. For example I just wanted to take two sweaters with me which I both really like. But when I think of what I’ll actually wear in this warm city and at the beach I don’t need two of them. We’ll see which one I chose next week. I already know that I don’t use loads of makeup which I tend to take with me. I remember from my last holidays that I always had too much makeup stuff with me, but I wasn’t actually using it. So I decided: no multiple items of the same use. But what I really need to take with me is this cute floral embroidery dress. I was unsure, if I should buy it or not (you know how picky I am when it’s not a basic). But as it has quite multiple ways to be worn I decided to buy it. It’s backless and very long – quite elegant I think, so I can actually wear it to a nice, romantic restaurant or a walk in the evening. I can imagine me wearing it in the cute and pretty streets of Italy surrounded by lovely pink flowers. We will see!

Make a list.

What I usually do is to write a packing list to prevent me from forgetting something, not uncommon for me. I also include the amount to limit the number of pieces in my suitecase. What we will wear most often is what we can consider to take with us. You maybe wonder why I have this crochet bikini top on nearly all of the photos.  May I introduce you to “Lucky Layla” from grapefruitloopery. The lovely Analeis just sent me this super cute and pretty piece. It’s selfmade by her and made from german cotton. I already tried it on and the fit is so great – you feel and see that it’s high quality. And this flower trim is so lovely, right?

Hope this was helpful and makes packing a little easier for you. Would be so great, if you come with us through my Insta stories next week to experience Milano and Lago Maggiore together! Can’t wait to share with you all the cute places, restaurantes and moments there!

xoxo Karo



  1. 31/07/2017 / 18:42

    Der Bikini ist wirklich super schön 🙂 Ich finde es immer unglaublich schwierig zu entscheiden, was ich in den Urlaub mitnehme und wirklich brauche und was nicht.. Aber ich hab zum Glück noch bis Ende Oktober Zeit zu überlegen :-))

    • myinfinitenow
      10/08/2017 / 19:44

      Danke dir! 🙂 Ohja, immer eine schwierige Angelegenheit. :))
      Ui dann wünsche ich dir viel Spaß!
      Love Karo

  2. 31/07/2017 / 10:48

    Wow so tolle Bilder! Ich liebe es meinen Koffer zu packen – Packlisten gehören einfach immer dazu. Ohne die geht ja wirklich nichts! Der Bikini ist einfach ein Traum!!
    Hab einen tollen Urlaub und komm entspannt wieder!
    Allerliebste Grüße,

    • myinfinitenow
      10/08/2017 / 19:44

      Vielen Dank Liebes! 🙂
      Love Karo

  3. Patty
    30/07/2017 / 01:28

    Der Bikini sieht wirklich toll aus ! Ich habe letztes Jahr zu Weihnachten eine vorgefertigte Packliste bekommen, wo wirklich alles aufgelistet ist und man bei jeder Reise wieder aus neue alle Punkte abhaken kann. Das ist so unglaublich praktisch 🙂

    Liebe Grüße
    Measlychocolate by Patty
    Measlychocolate now also on Facebook

    • myinfinitenow
      30/07/2017 / 15:08

      Uii sehr nice! Hatte auch überlegt so eine zu erstellen für euch :))
      Woher ist die Liste denn?
      Hab einen schönen Sonntag!
      Love Karo

  4. 29/07/2017 / 19:48

    Hey Karo, vielen dank für deinen Kommentar. Freut mich zu hören! Das Hotel war einfach super und wäre ich ein Fan davon immer wieder in denselben Urlaubsort zu fahren, würde ich es auch sicherlich ein 2. Mal buchen. Aber nächstes Mal fahre ich doch lieber wieder wo anders hin 🙂
    Mailand! Wow! Da war ich z. B. auch noch nie, ich wünsche dir und deinem Freund ganz ganz viel Spaß.
    Dir auch ein tolles WE und einen schönen Urlaub,

    • myinfinitenow
      30/07/2017 / 15:20

      Hey Isa, Viielen Dank! Bin auch schon gespannt drauf 😀
      Und ja das glaube ich dir, aber ab und zu möchte man dann doch mal etwas neues sehen 🙂
      Love Karo

  5. 29/07/2017 / 16:21

    Oh wow wie süß ist der Bikini bitte??? Ich bin gespannt, was du von deinem Urlaub berichtest!
    Liebe Grüße ♡Kristina

    • myinfinitenow
      30/07/2017 / 15:18

      Vielen Dank du Liebe!
      Bin auch gespannt, wie es wird :))
      Love Karo

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