Why Everyone Can Be A Designer

Nowadays designers arise from everywhere. There are plenty of musicians and famouse people making their way to the top of fashion with hardly any background knowledge or degree. Architects, DJ’s, rappers, actors, reality stars and influencers conquer the fashion world. Not only through their sense for styling but especially by building their own fashion label.

Why people are so successfull

Costumers need an individual and a story behind the designs and they’re willing to buy literally everything. They want to express something more than a plain sense of fashion nowadays. Aside from a political statements, fashion is always related to a certain culture. Consumers love to express personal messages through their clothes and identify with it’s deeper meaning. And what’s better than to get your inspiration from a person who’s background is based on a field you don’t know about – interesting, isn’t it?

People who made their way up

The currently most recognised person is Virgil Abloh who founded his label Off-White™ 2012 in Milan. Virgil studied architecture and worked as a DJ before he made his way up in fashion.

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Streetstyle showing Off-White™ bag in June 2018, Paris.

Heron Preston, a good friend of Virgil, also is a DJ. He launched his label стиль not long ago in Moscow. Yeezy (Kanye West) and Vlone (music collective ASAP Mob) are probably two of the most known brands founded by rappers.

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Runway of Yeezy Season 4 in September 2016, New York.

They’re reaching their customers far above the edge of their “former” fans. Beyonce’s label Ivy Park thrives for sure, that’s no surprise.

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An icon: Beyoncé at Coachella this year.

Influencers like Chiara Ferragni, whos first item were some colorful shoes with an eye wide open, show remarkable success.

How everyone can be successful as a designer

The fact that every star can be a designer is actually showing us, that having a good, interesting story is key. Background content from another field and individuality gives everyone as well as educated designers the chance to also thrive amongst the industry.


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