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Are you also dreaming of being a fashion designer? Are your thoughts driven by creativity? Then you probably already thought about studying fashion design.

I started my studies in fashion design in 2015. This week I completed my bachleor of arts at the HAW Hamburg, department design. In this article I will give you a brief overview on how my studies in fashion design was structured. Maybe you can take something out of it for deciding wether you would like the content of the studies or rather go for another (creative) degree course.

The basic study period

Classes are pre-determined for the first and second semester at HAW Hamburg, department design. The classes consist of sewing techniques, pattern cutting, arts (drawing and painting), fashion history and a design workshop – actually only taking place as a one-weekend-workshop for the whole first two semesters.

The main study period

When the third semester started, classes of different modules called 1. laboratory – were you learn sewing techniques in detail or broaden your skills in pattern making, 2. theory – were you have a variaty of topics to choose from e.g. history of accessories, bulding a business or more philosophical themes, 3. arts and 4. the best thing of all: the design classes for which you can choose amongst four professors with different teaching methods and topics, are to be chosen. The main study period is taking place from the third to sixth semester. During that time you have the freedom to try out what you like the most and specialize in fashion manufacturing aspects you prefer and are the most drawn to. Meanwhile you get a good sense of which professors working methods suit you best. This topic can be your examinator at the end of your scholarship for instance. The whole studies is determined by sewing to a huge extent, because students sew everything they want to create during courses by themselves.

The bachelor thesis

When you proceeded through these classes successfully, the seventh semester has come (counts up to 30% into your final degree, see module plan). This is when you gather up your specialized skills and proove them in your bachelor thesis. Normally you have 3 months to research your topic, create a collection, photograph it and write a scientific, illustrated text in which you also include a documentation of your design work and most likely a lookbook. At HAW the bachelor collection consists out of 3-8 outfits, depending on the level of difficulty – everything self-sewn. And last but not least you’re done!

Hope this gave you an insight on how a studies might work. Switch over to the other blogposts in the category “Fashion Talk” for more food for thought.



Bachelor Collection “A Few Inches West” 2019




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