Fashion Week 2018: Why Do Designers Copy Each Other?

Fashion weeks just started on 6th September. Overseeing the recent collections, we can obviously see similarities in comparison to past collections. But what’s speacial here is, that the design which appears again, does evolve less prominent on the designers shows who once came up with this ‘copied’ trend.

A trend example

To make it a bit more concrete: Let’s take the deconstruction trend, which found it’s peak during the past years. Balenciaga finally making other designers adopt the trend soon. The brand itself seems to not have the deconstruction topic as a main focus in their current collection anymore. This time they were presenting a minimum of deconstruction, but put a incresingly huge focus on the bold silhouette and chunky outlines. Brands like Alexander McQueen took over the deconstruction trend in their S/S 2018 collection for instance. This is what we already know from a past post on my blog.

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An outfit from the past Balenciaga F/W 2017/18 collection showing a deconstructed coat.

Who adopted the trend?

Other, let’s say more conventional designers like Moncler, actually showed deconstruction for the first time now. It shows a lot more deconstruction then Balenciaga in their new collection who once kind of invented it. We came across further obvious similarities at Burberry. They seem to drop currently common trends in their collection, we’ve increasingly seen on other brands thriving. A broad range of styles was shown at Burberry this month. Beginnig in a more common, formal way in the womans section moving on to the classy suits section for men, towards bold stickers and photos printed on hoodies and oversized silhouettes, we best know from Virgil Abloh’s brand Off-White. Fashion which is made for being the perfect hypebeast. A pretty uncommon Burberry ‘move’, right?

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Burberry Ready-to-wear  S/S 2019 collection in London – Hypebeast inspired style.

Why designers adopt trends from each other

This adopting-trends-system is totally comprehensible and makes a lot of sense to me. If someone comes up with a huge new trend, people are liking and buying, others would be best off to adopt it and learn by that. Because by taking it over, they can optimise it and develop new trends out of it, making fashion a circle of giving and taking. Even this might seem a bit unpleasant or selfish to you, this is how fashion actually works. The big brands are demonstrating it to us, as we can see season after season.

Hope you enjoyed it – see you soon!



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