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New directions for my blog.

Since a few weeks, I’m thinking about making my blog a place where deeper insights to the fashion scene can be found. As I’m surrounded by the fashion industry nearly everyday, I thought this is what my website should express, because I love this life in fashion. “Fashion Thoughts” is this new blog category which comprises everything about my story and insight in fashion. From my daily living as a fashion student, over creating projects (hitherto remaining secret) and visiting the hippest fashion events in Hamburg and the whole country.

It’s a way to expound background related information and deeper knowledge about the fashion scene to you. What do I want to do after I finished studying? What is the part in fashion I love the most? I guess it’s also an opportunity to “find myself” in a way.

Learning from the best.

Isn’t it the truth: There are already such amazing editors, journalists, fashion critics and photographers to combine the most important fashion news across the past weeks, all in one place in a compact way. What we bloggers can learn from them, is not only how to write better articles and how to take good, appropriate photos. We could furthermore create new content like either telling our own story in fashion or produce new, interesting content which goes deeper into the topic. We could also do comments on a published blogpost or an article about fashion from another source, a fashion movie or documentary. We can bring a new perspective to fashion. In my blog category “Fashion Thoughts” it’s a collection of all this stuff combined.

Daily life as a fashion student:

Via Insta Stories – just check it out!

Let’s discover the story behind fashion together.

xoxo Karo



  1. 09/10/2017 / 13:13

    Hi Karo,
    wieder mal ein süßes Outfit. Ich bin gespannt auf die neue Kategorie.

    LG, Isa

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