Explore Ischia With Us!

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Explore Ischia with us!

Do you know this exciting feeling when you notice that the day when your trip begins has come? In Hamburg it is raining right now and it’s hard to realize, that holidays have finally come. You certainly know this feeling, too. So we had to find a way to get into travel mood! The last days we looked through our photos from last years adventure which was actually our first one together. Can you guess where it was? Italy! But last year we explored Ischia, a cute and small island. Mrs. Merkel always takes her relaxing time there by the way. However, it was very cute and pretty there so we thought it would be a nice idea to share some impressions with you. We explored nearly the whole island during those 6 days – the little italian island Ischia.

We were getting there by farry which started at the harbour of Neapel and took us 2 hours to arrive. I was honestly a little scared after our hotel transfer, you know how italians are driving. Did you also have such an experience in Italy? I was finally used to it the day we left again!

Our Hotel at Ischia

Our hotel room was very small, but we had an amazing view out of our window at the pool and the mountains. That’s what made it really acceptable. We started wxploring the whole island by checking out the little map which was given to us at the hotel’s reception.

This was the situation where we took a litte rest at a place with such nice little coffee shops with selfmade cakes and sweet stuff. We don’t know what this place is called since our trip is one year ago now. But I remember, that we both didn’t want a big piece of cake – it was something like 35 degree that day. So we decided for those refreshing watermelon-sorbets.

In the evening we went through some streets and found a place to relax at the beach. Let me tell you the beach was a rare circumstance there. Only in the evening it was possible to get a place without those crowds of people around you.

Ischia is actually this small, that you are able to surround it in around 2,5 hours by bus. And that’s only because there are so many hills and really sharp curves – and when I say really sharp, I mean it. Without those curves you would probably be able to surround it in 1,5 hours. There are such big wavy lines, that you need to even double up the time to get from one place to the next. But that’s what makes it a quite romantic and “slow living” place. Sometimes we were afraid (especially me) to step to the next house corner infront of a curve. You couldn’t see anything before you actually reached it. And we all know the driving fashion of italians. It’s kind of crazy sometimes.

Our Trip to the Poseidon Gardens

The last day we were in the so called “Posaidon Gardens”. This sweet thing relaxed at the entrace when we arrived.

When you step in, you’re immediately surrounded by the sound of bubbling water – it’s such a realxing place. Over 10 different pools with varying temperature from freezing cold to very warm. Good for your immunesystem. If you look at the photo below you can see a part of the magic garden full of plants and relaxing areas. It has several floor levels and ends up at the top of an orange-brown mountain. Downstairs there is a fine sanded beach with all those orange sun loungers and straw parasols. The beach is a place that’s very rare at Ischia as I already mentioned. Aside from the Poseidon Gardens it’s nearly impossible to find a beach that isn’t overcrowded with masses of people. At the bottom of the garden there are planted some chilli pepper plants and the prettiest flowers at the sides of the walkways.

Next: Milano & Lago Maggiore.

Maybe you want to follow our trip to Milano and Lago Maggiore, take a look at my Insta-Stories starting tomorrow. Hope the internet will allow me to share with you our experiences and impressions – I would be so happy, if we stay connected for those days! We expect big shopping in Milano and hope we’ll be surrounded by huge mountains and the beach (not as overcrowded as it was at Ischia) there at Lago Maggiore – we will see!

xoxo Karo


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